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To Attain A Growth Through Quality, innovation, Employee satisfaction, Customer satisfaction & Service

Who We Are

Metro Shoe Mart has evolved in 1965 and established a great business model based on which it has created a large customer range from B2B, Wholesale & Retail Customers in Life style Products like Footwear, Bags etc., by delivering maximum customer satisfaction. Our endeavour over the past few years, of glorious effort, have always been towards creating and providing the best. Metro Shoe Mart has employed necessary and sufficient competitive manpower, machineries and logistical supports compatible with modern software technology to maintain the quality and delivery.
We deal with a wide variety of Footwear’s & bags. We Also Manufacture Safety Slipper & Flip-flops. We have been dealing in this sector for the past 50 years & Above.
We are the Market Leader in wholesale Trading of Footwear’s & Bags in Southern Part of India.

Metro Shoe Mart